Andrew Phillips And Cardflex Has Offered Tech To Help Employers Improve Policy And Procedure

Employers in tune with workers’ needs are the ones adjusting policy and procedure as needed. When it comes to payday, these are the companies who aren’t blindly distributing earnings via direct deposit to employee bank accounts. Rather, they are the ones who ask if pre-paid debit cards are a preference – then go about finding an automated clearing house (ACH) company who can oversee such a process. This is where Andrew Phillips comes into play. As the former head of Cardflex, which later re-branded to a different name but with more services, Mr. Phillips knows quite a bit about the payment card industry (PCI) and the tech that makes it tick. For those looking to learn more about Andrew Phillips, Cardflex and ways for your company to better serve employees, you’ve come to the right place.

Mr. Phillips got his start in the PCI sector more than three decades ago when he recognized the opportunity to slingshot the industry into the future. This would be accomplished with the assistance of developers who would design payment-processing machines that could read debit and credit cards. The technology would eventually be adopted by supermarkets and UPS stores across the country and be instrumental in the implementation of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards. Andrew Phillips’ wealth of knowledge when it comes to card-based payments would draw the attention of TransFirst, which wanted him to step in as president and help stem the  tide of departing clients. With losses of around 3,000 merchants per month, Mr. Phillips was able to eventually steer the company toward adding 4,000 merchants each month.

After this success, Andrew Phillips would go on to establish Cardflex in 2007. This pre-paid card company would expand one year later to handle ACH processing and debit card transactions. Just a few years later, Mr. Phillips oversaw Cardflex as it expanded its technology to allow deposits of tips and gratuity to pre-paid cards. Those who’ve followed his contributions to the industry throughout the years shouldn’t be surprised by such innovative ideas, however, as Mr. Phillips has consistently found ways to meet consumer or client needs. We encourage you to continue checking this website regularly for the latest news on PCI updates and ways that ACH processes are advancing to meet security needs.